Before The Fallen Tree Limb Clean Up

fallen tree limb in yard

Massive Tree Limb

Yesterday we got a call in the Stand Up Guys Junk Headquarters from one of our oldest, most loyal clients in Atlanta, her name was Joanne. She informed us that in the rain storm from the night before a few large tree limbs had fallen into her yard, and completely covered the driveway.

So as you can imagine Joanne was in quite a hurry to get it taken care of. She was mainly in a hurry because she couldn’t even get her car out of her driveway to go to work. Then of course, like The Stand Up Guys always do, we dropped everything and rushed right over to Joanne’s home in Atlanta to help. The Stand Up Guys don’t just have outstanding customer service, we are extremely loyal to our customers as well.

When we got to the Atlanta home it was obvious that we were going to have to cut everything up into manageable pieces, so that we could pick them up and turn into just plain old yard debris, because the tree limbs themselves were enormous.

Well we busted out our ole trusty chain-saw and got work. First we cut up the base and then worked our way up the branches. We got the limbs off the driveway first (so she could go to work), then made our way to everything else.

Once we had everything cut into pieces, we started stacking and loading everything into the truck. After we had all the debris in the truck, we did what we always do.  We swept and raked every last piece up until the yard and drive way was spotless. This way when Joanne got home from work later that night, it would look as if nothing ever happened.

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After The Stand Up Guys Saved The Day

Debris Removal in Metro Atlanta

Tree Limb Gone!

This set us back a little in our daily schedule, but our customers our very important and it was worth it. We were able to get everything done on our plate by the end of the day, so everyone was happy.

We aren’t always able to drop everything we are doing and go directly to a job, but there is always exceptions. Especially this type of circumstance, where without our help, she couldn’t even leave her home for work.

Our customers are everything to us, without them, Stand Up Guys would not even exist. So we will bend over backwards to help them any chance we have. We truly love all of our customers. That’s another reason why we have the best prices around too, no matter if you’re looking to get rid of a fallen tree in your yard, or a garage full of junk, Stand Up Guys are for you.

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