Why We Are “Atlanta’s Favorite Junk Removal Company”

I feel like I could ramble on for days about why the Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew is so great, but heck, anybody could say that about themselves. So I want to just tell everyone the things that set us apart from everyone else, the things that make us different from the rest, and the things that make customer after customer fall in love with us.

Junk removal is a very simple concept, but running a business that caters to the clients every need is quite a bit different. We set out to provide not only a junk removal service, but the best possible service we could possibly provide, period. From your first look at our company, to the moment we drive away from your home after a job, we want your experience to be perfect. If you would rather here others opinions, then just check out some of our reviews.

So here are a few things that set Stand Up Guys Junk Removal apart.

  1. Our Website-We have built one of the largest, most aesthetically pleasing websites, in the industry. This is the first look our customers get at our company, and we want it to be perfect for them. It not only is simple and user friendly, but it shows our customers everything they need to know (very informative). It lets our customers know all about our crews and divisions, this way they can know who to expect at their homes. It lets our customers know, down to the last detail, everything we do, and every service we provide, and at the end they can easily book their entire appointment online.
  2. Our Trucks-The trucks that we use are all custom built to fit exactly what we do. This way we can provide excellent customer service, and at the same time make sure we are able to save all we can to either donate or recycle. Our trucks are also great on gas, both to help the cost for our customers, and to help the environment. Nothing good comes from a gas guzzler. Not to mention, our trucks are the coolest looking ones in the biz too.
  3. Our Crew-The gentlemen that work for Stand Up Guys Junk Removal aren’t just anybody off the street. We are very careful when hiring inside our company. We want to make sure everyone in our organization is honest, clean cut, and courteous. This way our customers can feel confident about who will be coming into their homes, and around their families.
  4. Our Prices-The prices that we set don’t just come out of thin air. We study and monitor our prices very closely, this way the customer is always paying the best possible price at any given time. Expenses in this business fluctuate all the time, and we they are on the down end, we drop our prices as well. Once our prices go up, that never means they will stay there forever. Not to mention we always come out and offer a free estimate first, for all our customers.
  5. Our Customer Service-Everything on this list has to do with customer service, but it is really that important to us. Customers are everything for us and this business, so making sure they are satisfied is the absolute number one priority. Whatever a customer needs, if it is in reason, we with out a doubt, will do it.

Many people can say anything they want about themselves, how great they are, or whatever they choose. So we don’t want anybody to read this and just assume we are telling the truth. Instead we want you to read it and use it as a guideline, or a grading tool if you will, and give us a try, and find out that we will meet everyone of these, and then some.

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