They say it takes a village to raise a child. Some say that it also takes a village to move a household. Organizing and executing a move can be complicated and time consuming. If you haven’t moved before or do not have much experience with moving, you might be feeling somewhat overwhelmed and wondering if it will ever come together. Use this list of resources for moving to help make your move easier on everyone.

Moving Companies

You can hire door-to-door moving services and also professional movers to help move your larger or more fragile items. They can even pack your stuff to help provide more piece of mind that your valuables will survive your move, be it just across town or across the world.

Estate Sale Companies

If you have items that may still be of value, consider using an estate sale company to help you get rid of those extra items. Doing so may be able to offset the cost of getting rid of those items that are no longer needed. This is a good option for families who will be leaving most items in the home behind, for whatever reason.


When you use an auctioneer, you most likely will drop off your unwanted items at an auction facility. Once they are sold, you get paid a fee upon the sale of the item.


Companies who offer reselling services will collect your items for consignment. Many of them are for online consignment. Some sell the items as is, and others will provide tune-ups or facelifts as necessary. Either way, this is another good option to offset the cost of removing your unwanted junk.

Junk Removal Companies

Finally, a junk removal company is a complete solution to your moving and junk removal needs. You pick the company that suits your needs at a price you can afford. Be sure the company you use is insured and has reasonable rates. A full service company will come and get your junk, sort through it, reuse, recycle and donate what they can. The rest is properly disposed of per EPA standards and government regulations.

Junk Removal in Atlanta

With the Stand Up Guys you get trustworthy full service junk removal. From the first contact to the last goodbye, we are the top junk removal company in Atlanta and we take your junk removal needs seriously. We strive to provide you the best service at the utmost value. We are your one stop solution to moving and junk removal needs. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment on our website for a free quote on all of our junk removal services.

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