How To Find The Right Junk Removal Company, & Not Get Scammed!

how to pick junk removal company

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To be completely honest with you, there are a ton of junk removal companies out there, and a ton for consumers to look through. So we have created a list of qualities customers should look for, in order to insure that they get the right company for them. After all, there are a lot of scammers, and jokesters out there, and we don’t want anybody to get hurt.

So because of all the junk removal services, and businesses, around here, we have created a list of things that consumers should look for when hiring a junk removal company. This way they get the right one.

  1. Customer Service – Customer service, for whatever reason, is hard to find. It’s pretty much a lost art in today’s business world, and for whatever reason, it’s especially hard to find in the junk removal business. So make sure and do your research, and find out about companies before you hire them. There are a ton of outlets you can check to find honest reviews, and opinions about different companies. You can always try Kudzu, Angieslist, Yelp, or even Google Reviews. Know who you are hiring at all times.
  2. Pricing – If you are price shopping, and for whatever reason you hear just a ridiculously low price, that seems to good to be true, well in most cases it probably is. A lot of scammer junk companies like to give insanely low prices over the phone, so that when they show up to your home, and you’re in a place where you HAVE to get rid of your junk, they will just raise the prices. So again, make sure you do your research, and if something seems to good to be true, it probably is.
  3. Flexibility – There are a lot of junk removal companies to choose from, so when choosing yours make sure that they are willing to work around YOUR schedule, and not their own. If not, just move on to the next candidate. If a company isn’t even willing to work around your schedule, that’s probably only the tip of the crappy ice burg of bad customer service. So stay away from them.
  4. Insurance – Always make sure that the junk removal company that you hire is insured. It’s that simple, there are too many things that could go wrong, and wind up hurting you in the end. So no matter what, make sure the company is insured. This alone will filter down the list, but that is ok, it’s worth the time to find a company that wont put you in danger.
  5. Cleanliness – To some, this is the most important thing, and reasonably so. After all, when you are getting rid of your junk, it’s most likely because you are trying to straighten up, and make your living space cleaner. So pick a company that has their stuff together, has clean-cut employees, and does a good job. After all a good job is all any of us want done.

The market has been littered with junk removal companies ever since the economy dipped a few years back. For whatever reason, a lot of the home builders, remolders, or pretty much anybody with a pick up truck decided to start a junk removal company when things got rough.

This wasn’t good for any of us, but most of all it wasn’t good for the customer. Yes, in theory you would think a flood of the market like this would be great for the consumer, after all, now they have more of a choice, and they can price shop easier. This is all true, but what the customer lost in all this was quality customer service. The guys that were just doing this to make a buck, weren’t in it for the long haul, so they never have cared to take care of the customers like they should. Because after all, they didn’t plan on doing it for very long.

Here at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal, we felt the surge of junk removal companies in the Metro Atlanta Area, and yes it was hard at first. It was hard to keep up with their ridiculously low prices, because of their low overhead, and lack of insurance, but we stuck it out. We stuck it out, not only for us, but for our customers. Our prices have always been lower than most, so we were able to bend a little without breaking. Honestly I wish we could say that for more of the companies that were around before the surge, but many of them did not make it out alive.

Here at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal customer service is the most important aspect of our company. It is everything we stand for, and everything we believe. We bend over backwards to insure that our customers are happy, and this has help to keep us around for all these years. Once you are a customer of The Stand Up Guys once, you always become a customer for life.

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