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Massive Hot Tub

Ok, now most of the time I get on this blog, and tell you all about how easy we make our jobs, and how awesome we are, but today we had a little trouble, I must admit.

Now just to be clear, we have taken at least 100 hot tubs out of homes, decks, etc. But this one we had today in Sandy Springs, oh oh oh, this hot tub was an entirely different beast. This hot tub was so big, so strong, and so intertwined with the back porch, that it’s hard to even imagine for you readers and fans out there.

We all know though, no matter how hard the hot tub removal was going to be, The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew was gonna get it done. We always do, and we just always find a way. Now here are the crazy steps we had to take in order to get rid of this massive hot tub in Sandy Springs.

  1. We set all our tools up, and planned out route from beginning to end on how we were going to detach the hot tub from the deck, and then how we were going to get it into the truck.
  2. We took our demo saw, and cut out all the attached running boards from the deck. We also used the saw to cut off the 4x4s that were holding the hot tub in place under the deck.
  3. Then we took the sawzaw, and cut the hot tub into 4 different sections. The hot tub needed to be cut so that we could pull it out without harming the deck. The customer was planning on putting a new hot tub in, so we had to keep the space perfect.
  4. After all the walls of the hot tub were divided into sections, we pulled them out one by one. Then placed them on the yard, so that we could dissect them before putting it in the truck
  5. We then took all the plastic, and wood parts off of the hot tub and placed them in the back of our truck. We then took all the electrical components, metal, and tubing and put them in the front of the truck for recycling.
  6. We swept everything up, and left with another happy customer.

This might have been one of the harder jobs for the Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew, with keeping the deck in tact and all, but in the end we did what we always do, and that’s leaving with a satisfied customer. Gotta love being a Stand Up Guy!

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