Stand Up Guys To The Rescue Again

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Stand Up Guys To The Rescue

Today, while working on another one of our attic clean outs in Marietta, we got an urgent call from one of our regulars Cilia. Cilia is a well-respected real estate agent here in the Metro Atlanta Area, and she has been using our junk removal services for years. The reason she keeps coming back is simple, we’re just that awesome.

Well Cilia had quite the dilemma at one of her many homes in North Druid Hills, that she was scheduled to close on at 5pm. Early this morning, when she was just doing her final walk through, and making sure everything was tip-top for the closing, she found this massive pile of junk hidden away. The people who had lived there before obviously didn’t want anyone to find this pile of junk until they were long gone, because it was nicely, and strategically hidden, where no one could see it.

As you can imagine, Cilia was in quite the pickle, and had to make a decision and make it fast. She either had to push back the closing, and potentially lose the client, or scramble and try to get this cleaned up and ready before 5. Well the latter seemed impossible at the time, because lets face it, how in the world could you find a junk removal service to come out within just a few hours, and clean up such a massive mess?

Stand Up Guys Junk Removal in North Druid Hills

Ross To The Rescue

Well the answer to that question, and the answer to all Cilia’s problems was simple, just call The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew! Like I said before, Cilia had used us many times before, but never under such crucial circumstances, so when calling us this morning, she was thinking having us out there that day was just a prayer.

Cilia’s prayer was definitely answered. We kindly asked our Marietta customers if we could finish the job tomorrow, and because they were ok with it, we hit the road to rescue Cilia. We were at the North Druid Hills home within 45 mins of when she called, and we were working within just minutes of being there, because lets face it, in order to finish a job of this size, we were going to have to work extra fast, extra hard, and extra “standupish“.

Well, we were quite “Standupish” and we were able to finish everything up, and our big blue junk truck was rolling out of that North Druid Hills home right at 4:45pm. Just in time. We were glad we could help our old pal Cilia out, and save the day like always. It feels good to be a junk hero!

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