The Becky Situation

junk pile in woodstock, ga

Shopping Center Disaster

Miss Becky, a commercial property owner, went to one of her properties in Woodstock the other day to check up on everything and found that someone had been dumping junk & trash behind the shopping center. Everything from mattresses to garbage as well as carpet and miscellaneous wood, I mean there was junk EVERYWHERE.

In disbelief that anyone would even do this, she called her partner in order to figure out what they should do about this unfortunate situation. This is not something that Becky can wait to have done in a couple weeks or so, no, this had to get done yesterday.

Business and credibility of the building were decreasing by the minute, and the business owners of the shopping center were all looking at Becky. If she couldn’t figure out a way to get out of this mess soon things were going to get real ugly fast. This was not anything that she could do by herself either, it was just way too much junk, professionals had to be called in for this mess.

The Call in

junk pile cleared in woodstock

All Clean!

Becky called a few clean up crews from the Woodstock area first to have them come and take a look at everything. She wasn’t having any luck. This first few companies she called didn’t even answer, and the one company she did get to answer came out and told her it was too much for them to handle in a short period of time (we suspect they just didn’t want to deal with the problem). It had rained the day before so everything was heavier, nastier, and more tedious to clean up, this scares away most average crews.

Next she called a few junk removal companies. Once again, it started with her not getting anyone to answer their phone. Then eventually she found the number to The Stand Up Guys. Now when she called the Stand Up Guys, she got a professional on the phone after just two rings. Clark answered the phone from our office headquarters and right away explained to Becky that she was going to be ok, she called the right guys for the job.

Clarkybear and his miniature amigo, Ryan, came over right away and provided her with a free estimate. Becky loved the price and the fact that the Stand Up Guys could get it done asap. When Becky asked when the service could get underway, before she could even finish asking, Clark said “right now!” She could not believe we provided same day estimates and services simultaneously. Ecstatic, she called her partner and said the trash would be gone today!

The Removal In Woodstock

Clark Berry, Stand Up Guys Junk Removal North Atlanta Regional Manger

Clark..To The Rescue

Clark and Ryan had already shown up with an empty truck, so the junk & trash removal started right away. They quickly found out that a new pair of gloves were in their future because this stuff was not easy on the old ones they were wearing.

Wet carpet, ripped garbage bags, soaked mattresses, and broken bricks filled the lot. Clark quickly started hauling the small furniture in the truck while ryan swept all the small miscellaneous debris into a pile until just the larger items were left. After filling the first two loads with everything they could get by themselves, they saved the last load for the mattresses, sofas, and carpet. Water was pouring from the mattresses as they threw the furniture in the truck, and sure enough, they did need new gloves!

They swept up one last time and did one last drive thru to make sure everything was taken care of and sure enough it was. The shopping center was as good as new! This is an everyday thing for the Stand Up Guys, we come in, clean up and pretty much just saved the day, but this time around Clark was a little gitty when it was time to call Becky.

this is a picture of Ryan Keane, Sales manager at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal

Ryan Keane, Sales Manager

It was very clear to the two guys that Becky was extremely stressed out over this situation to say the least. She explained to them before hand how many people she had called and she was starting to think it wasn’t going to get done. If this job didn’t get done soon enough, Becky’s job could have been in jeopardy. Well that’s why Clark was gitty to call her, he was excited to hear Becky’s voice when he told her that everything was gone.

The End

Becky returned to see the shopping center was PERFECT! She realized that she made the best choice and she would forever be in business with The Stand Up Guys. We not only got her out of a jam, but The Stand Up Guys also made Becky look like a rockstar to the other business owners in the complex.

Ryan recommended that she get security cameras in place so this does not happen again or if it does, they will atleast have a lead. If not, The Stand Up Guys will be there in the blink of an eye!

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