Decking Debris Removal In Roswell

Carson Gibson, Stand Up Guys Junk Removal

Joanne's Story Joanne called into The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Headquarters with a junk problem. She was in dire need of someone to help her out of this mess. She was hoping that The Stand Up Guys would be the right solution to her junk problem. Carson answered the phone when Joanne called in, and asked her how we could help. Joanne went on to tell Carson about her junk and debris … [Read more...]

Kitchen Demo & Hauling In Eagle Watch

Kitchen demo in Woodstock with the stand up guys

The Call In Last Monday we got a call into the office late in the day. The call was from a new potential customer, and her name was Mandy. During the phone call Mandy went on to inform us that she was looking into getting a whole new kitchen in her home located in the Eagle Watch subdivision in Towne Lake. She wanted new countertops, appliances, you name it, she wanted it. Mandy also … [Read more...]

The Pandoras Box Of Hot Tub Removals In Atlanta

taking apart a hot tub in Atlanta

The Stand Up Guys Daily Log Alright, well today started out like any other day. We did a nice, simple little garage clean out in Marietta, in the a.m., and then we headed downtown to Atlanta, after we stopped off at the dump, for our second job. Little did we know, the day wasn't going to be as normal as we had anticipated. When we arrived at our second job in Atlanta, we knew going in it … [Read more...]

Porch Demolition Project In Woodstock

Carson tearing down porch ceiling

Light Demo & Removal With The Stand Up Guys Crew Today we had ourselves a little bit of a project, and it was quite a bit more than just your typical junk removal job. We had a contractor contact us last week. He proceeded to tell us about how he was going to build an addition onto one of his customers houses in Woodstock. The only problem was, where they wanted the addition, is exactly … [Read more...]

Shed Removal In Johns Creek

Taken down, and removed shed in Johns Creek

Shed Demo And Removal - Johns Creek Last week we had our hands full with a fairly large shed that was originally used to hold horses, and chickens. The home, and the shed were located in John's Creek, right in between Alpharetta, and Milton. The original owner of the house, back about fourty years ago, was the one who actually built it, and boy! He built this thing to withstand almost … [Read more...]