The Play Set


The video at the end of this post is a short trailer we put together for the upcoming mini movie we are creating about this play set The Stand Up Guys Junk Crew took down. Yes, it seems like a simple concept (taking down a play set and all), but we believe the people of Atlanta need to know what goes into removing a play set. We not only haul off play sets, but we take them down and clean the area as well.

In this video you get to see a little bit of everything with the Stand Up Guys and all the aspects of this particular play set. We show off one of our awesome trucks, two of our awesome employees and we even display taking down an old play set from a repeat customer of ours in Atlanta. We even show you us at the dump dropping off the old play set. You get a little bit of everything.

As you can see in the trailer, we first took apart all the exterior parts of the junk play set, i.e the latter, slide, roof, swings etc. Then when all that was finally off the base of the play set we tipped the base over. We tipped it over because it’s much easier to handle when it is on it’s side.

After we had everything dissembled we hauled it all through the back yard, around the side of the house, and into the truck. Well, just watch the video and you’ll get the jist of everything. Enjoy!

The Play Set Trailer

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